Auction4Autism funds research into the genetic and biological causes of Autism and Medicines for Autism.

With your help, our Scientists at the Ingham Institute will improve life for those with Autism.

Your personal Auction4Autism online or your direct Donation will help fund research into the Development of Medicines for Autism.

Our Basic Scientific Research is focused on finding out why

  • 1 in 100 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Autism is triggered by changes to Autism genes.
  • Many children with Autism often stop communicating and suffer debilitating comorbidities.

Basic Scientific Research is the foundation for understanding how the body and mind function.

Auction4Autism funds basic science research into

  • Genes that cause Autism.
  • Toxins that disturb Autism gene function 
  • Medicines that optimise Autism gene function.


  • Improved Early Diagnosis
  • Improved Risk Assessment
  • Improved Autism Medicines
  • Improved patient selection for Clinical Trials
  • Matching medicines with patient needs.

Remember: Tomorrow’s advanced medicines depend on today’s basic science.

Thanks to Basic Science, we now know many of the genes that cause Autism.

Basic Science will help our Scientists discover how genes cause Autism & how to reduce their effects on patients with Autism.


1 in 100 children have Autism and many of these children will stop communicating from around 3 years of age.

Your Auction4Autism online or direct Donation will help our Scientists:

  • Determine which genes cause Autism.
  • How genes cause Autism & 
  • Develop advanced medicines to help children with Autism.

At Auction4Autism, our Scientists are committed to world’s best research practice improving life for children with Autism. 

Your Auction4Autism online or direct Donation will help our Scientists improve: 

  • Autism gene identification.
  • Autism risk assessment.
  • Early diagnosis of Autism.
  • Autism medicines to improve the life of those with Autism and their parents, carers and educators.
  • Optimise patient selection for clinical trials.
  • Match medicines with patients.
  • Design new improved medicines for Autism & 
  • Repurpose existing medicines for use for Autism.