fundraising parties

Share the joy of giving by organising a fundraising party at work, school, on your birthday or with your friends at a garage sale.

Sell or Auction Your Preloved Items Online. Or Donate Directly to Auction4Autism.

Ideas for Auction4Autism Fundraising Parties

Work Party

  • Invite work friends to auction or sell online. Or send a direct donation. 
  • Host a competition at your work to see who raises the most money. 
  • Have free drinks and lunch at the Work Party. 

Garage Sale Party

  • Have a BBQ or a sausage sizzle alongside your Garage Sale Party.
  • Sell or auction your preloved item. 
  • Invite your friends and family to participate.
  • Encourage your friends and family to bring items to your garage sale.
  • Whoever brings items that sell the most money wins. 

School Party

  • Ask School to sponsor Auction4Autism with 10% of school fete takings.
  • Host school fairs / fete.
  • Set up food and drink stalls at school fete. 
  • Host a Sports and Game Day.
  • Organise a school incursion or excursion providing a range of events and activities. Food and drinks will be included.

Birthday Party

  • Instead of a birthday present – ask your friends to donate to Auction4Autism
  • Send the Invite-A-Friend email to all who attend your birthday.