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You Can Help the Millions of Children with Autism

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Millions of children are diagnosed with Autism, the majority being boys. And there are no effective medicines for Autism. You can help the Scientists at Auction4Autism develop safe & effective medicines for Autism. Just click the Get Started Button and register to Sell Online or Auction Online your Preloved Items.
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Dr Raymond A. Clarke
Lead Scientist
Head of Autism Research Group
Ingham Institute

Your Impact

The 1 in 100 children facing a diagnosis of Autism and their families and their carers and educators are used to hearing the words “unknown cause” and “no effective medicines”. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Right now, our Scientists are making great strides in understanding the genetic & environmental causes of Autism and developing medicines to reverse or remediate the causes of autism and/or its comorbidities including sleeping, eating & digestive problems.

Your Auction or Sale of Preloved Items online will help our Scientists at Auction4Autism find the causes of Autism & Develop Effective Medicines for the millions of children and adults with Autism. It’s that Easy – Ausum!